Internet Speed Test Online

The Reliable and Robust Internet speed test online, test your Internet speed in home and office anywhere and any devices such as Smart Phones, Smart TVs, PC, Laptops & Tablets, etc.

What is Internet Speed Test Online?

Internet speed test online, it helps to measure your internet speed of Broadband connection & Mobile Data Services.

How Internet Speed Test Online Works?

Latency/Ping: Once you start the speed test, first we sent single packet from your device such as Laptop, Desktop, Mobile and Tablets the time it takes to come back. Basically, the delay. Latency is estimated in milliseconds or ms.

Jitter: The latency test is repeated many times among low value defines the concluded outcome.

Download Speed: The highest amount of data your device can able to receive from internet per sec.

Upload Speed: The highest amount of data your device can able to send through the internet per sec.

Mbps: How speedy you can upload and download files from the Internet

Is your Internet speed enough for you?​

Internet speed test Measure

5 Mbps

• Browsing
• Streaming music
• Streaming standard definition video
• Email
• Social media
• Ideal for single user

Internet Speed Test Measure

10 Mbps

• Ultra HD streaming
• Frequent gaming
• Streaming 1080p high definition video
• Excellent web browsing
• Video calling
• Ideal for 2-5 people

Internet Speed Test Measure

25+ Mbps

• Streaming multiple shows in HD
• Simultaneous gaming
• Streaming 4k Ultra high definition video
• Large Files Download & Transfers
• Ideal for 5+ people

Types of Internet Service Providers(ISP):

• Cable Internet
• Fiber Optic Internet
• DSL Internet
• Satellite and Mobile Internet

Internet Connection Speed Chart

Internet Technology Data Rate (per second) Data Rate (per second) Data Rate (per second) Data Rate (per second)
28.8K Modem 28.8 Kbps 28,800 Bits 3,600 Bytes 3.5 Kilobytes
36.6K Modem 36.6 Kbps 36,600 Bits 4,575 Bytes 4.4 Kilobytes
56K Modem 56 Kbps 56,000 Bits 7,000 Bytes 6.8 Kilobytes
ISDN 128 Kbps 128,000 Bits 16,000 Bytes 15 Kilobytes
T1 1.544 Mbps 1,544,000 Bits 193,000 Bytes 188 Kilobytes
DSL 512 Kbps to 8 Mbps 8,000,000 Bits 1,000,000 Bytes 976 Kilobytes
Cable Modem 512 Kbps to 52 Mbps 53,000,000 Bits 6,625,000 Bytes 6,469 Kilobytes (6.3MB/sec)
T3 44.736 Mbps 44,736,000 Bits 5,592,000 Bytes 5,460 Kilobytes (5.3MB/sec)
Gigabit Ethernet 1 Gbps 1,000,000,000 Bits 125,000,000 Bytes 122,070 Kilobytes (119MB/sec)
OC-256 13.271 Gbps 13,271,000,000 Bits 1,658,875,000 Bytes 1,619,995 Kilobytes (1.5GB/sec)

How to Increase your Entel Bolivia Internet Speed?

First, check your Entel Bolivia Speed Test

• Connected with many devices at the same time and doing multiple tasks at the same, may impact the internet speed, such as Streaming 4k Ultra high definition video, Large Files Download, gaming, etc.,
• Restart the Modem, ensure that the cable is properly connected.
• Switch off the Internet in the devices which all are not in use.
• Keep your Modem away from other electronic devices to increase the signal integrity (SI).
• Clear your browser cache and cookies. Remove unwanted apps and programs from your PC and Mobile apps. They can run in the background and using the Internet additionally.
• Use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi
• Reduce the excessive length of the internet Cable.